SOUND Engineer

Sound Effects for Animation

Animated Educational Web Short

A Before-After demonstration of sound design for an animated short. Tasks include:

  • creating/selecting sound effects
  • placing/modifying sounds to fit the action
  • sound mixing

Animations begin with no sound. The first step is to design a palette of sounds that creates the appropriate mood. The next step is to tryout different sounds and determine how they match the action. Sounds that work are then further enhanced and modified so they work together seamlessly. Layering sounds and mixing levels is important for achieving a cohesive sonic atmosphere.

The next stage is mixing the sound effects with voiceover/dialog and music. Sound effects can be emphasized or lowered in the mix for the best fit. As the full mix comes together it is important to listen for how well all the audio works together to tell the story. Many times removing some sound effects helps to let a mix breath and achieve an engaging whole.