SOUND Engineer

Podcast Editing and Mixing


A Before-After demonstration of preparing a podcast’s raw recording files for broadcast. Tasks include:

  • audio clean-up and editing
  • maintain story flow
  • EQ, compression, sound mixing

Life Done Different is a weekly one-hour podcast hosted by Nate Wang. Each episode features a conversational interview with a guest.

The interviews are recorded using different methods: phone calls via Skype or Netcastr or in-person interviews using a portable recorder with a small stereo microphone.

The editing process includes three main steps: 1) assess and improve each interview’s particular audio issues such as background noise, pops and reverb; 2) remove extraneous bits to tighten up the dialog while retaining the natural flow; 3) apply EQ, compression and volume leveling for a final mix.

The demo contains 30-second excerpts from three different shows. First the raw file is played followed by the final mix after clean-up.